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Doesn't Bon Iver's music just make you SAD? Geez, you're killing us here with these soundtracks.

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I like the feels. Pain in my heart from art reminds me that I’m alive.

at last, someone understands. Thanks, Zach!


Sherlock & Watson


An Artificial Display of Happiness. 

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my muse.

O que eu descubro.

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Andrew Garfield in We Exist



01. red rabbits ― the shins
02. trolley wood ― eisley
03. flowers grow out of my grave ― dead man’s bones
04. oats we sow ― gregory and the hawk
05. pyotr ― bad books
06. shaker hymns ― dry the river
07. tiger mountain peasant song ― fleet foxes
08. in a northern sky ― fossil collective
09. hiding tonight ― alex turner
10. naked as we came ― iron & wine
11. all the trees of the field will clap their hands ― sufjan stevens
12. i buried a bone ― blind pilot
13. you are the moon ― the hush sound
14. hannah hunt ― vampire weekend
15. wolf ― first aid kit
16. a father’s first spring ― the avett brothers
17. leaving blues ― bombay bicycle club



Dry the River, “New Ceremony”

I was looking for this song for years… Not joking… Some tihigs are just meant to be found!

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